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What Our Clients are Saying

The team at Platinum is the best in the business.  Great products and the toners work as advertised—just as good as the OEMs.  I save around $80-100 per cartridge! Big savings with the performance to back it up. The Orders arrive so fast that they seem to be a local company. I   like working with American made products. American products create jobs in the US and better for our own economy! Platinum's staff is dedicated and passionate to ensure the customer is happy.  I am truly impressed with this company and their part of the contribution towards their surrounding communities.  Everyone is so busy with their own lives but somehow, this company find the time and dedication to give & serve the less fortunate.  Please keep it up.  This is truly service before self (our Air Force motto!)

-Sgt. Jojo Cinco, The Pentagon/United States Air Force

Platinum has  great service 100% of the time.  The shipping is fast.  The prices are reasonable and I have seen the difference with similar products we have purchased from other companies. The customer service is the best of the best.  Any product that helps the environment we will back up. The way they do business is  the only way to do business and I totally appreciate what they do.  We are always inspired by good deeds. They help us do our job better and in turn makes us more capable of doing our job or making a difference in the lives of others. I always recommend Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner  to everyone.

- Zee, Major League Baseball

The Service at at Platinum International LLC  is superior.  The staff is by far the friendliest people I have worked with. The customer service is fast and reliable.  We have had no product issues with the toner! The team is helping us save money as well.   Our company really likes working with Platinum and supporting American made/environmentally responsibly products.  I would highly  recommend Platinum International LLC and Pop Drop Platinum Series toner!

- Cathy, Porsche

We are very satisfied with pour savings with Platinum International LLC. The average savings is about 25% below our best prices even from Staples. The deliveries are prompt and correct as ordered. We would recommend Platinum International LLC and Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner and the customer service is excellent.

- Ian, Farmers Insurance

Platinum is professional, informative, courteous and fast. Even though we are a Federal Agency; we are a small field office with a small budget using taxpayer money.  We have saved money in our budget significantly; especially due to the toner cost savings over the “chain” office supply stores.  They have earned us as loyal customers due to their great prices coupled with outstanding service. It makes me extremely proud to purchase American made environmentally responsible products from an American company. It takes special people to funnel their motivation, dedicate so much time and create Project Pop Drop! This is an amazing display of heart and humanity. I know that every order I place with Platinum (no matter how big or small); a portion of that paying it forward-donating proceeds will go toward Project Pop Drop.  That makes me swell with pride knowing that I am a small piece of that great big puzzle which makes a difference towards those in need.

- Tom, US Department Of The Interior Office Of Surface Mining

We use the Pop Drop Platinum Series Toners,Pricing is what brought me to Platinum. Paul Mitchell is also environmentally conscience of their products and to know more companies follow in that forum is outstanding. I am inspired by any company taking time to help benefit those less fortunate. I feel a sense of accomplishment and gratification by purchasing Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner from Platinum International,which means I am directly helping feed people in need with every toner purchased.

-Teresa, John Paul Mitchell Systems

Platinum always respond immediately, products are received the next day and they are very helpful.  We started working with them last year, but in a couple of months we already saved around $600.00.  We appreciate the passion and dedication of the Platinum & Project Pop Drop team.  They work for such a great cause and go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy/satisfied.  This is what our country needs, people taking care of people. I wish there were more people like them.  I have a good feeling inside whenever I am able to place an order with them.  I know that, in some small way, I am helping. I would highly recommend printing with Pop Drop Platinum Series toner.

- Susan, SOS Metals, Inc.

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