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Platinum International LLC   About Us​

Platinum International Products And Services, LLC is a company founded on the principles of integrity, honesty,
reliability and a platinum Standard.  Platinum International Products And Services LLC has become a business
with a philanthropic mission. With offices in California and Florida, Platinum International Products And Services, LLC has twenty warehouse distribution centers, strategically placed around the United States, to serve the client's needs, with next day shipping. Platinum International Products And Services, LLC carries all major office supply brands and products. They are the proud creators of Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. The“American Made” Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner brand is compatible and recyclable. Platinum International LLC takes pride in donating a percentage of every Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner order, to Project Pop Drop. Ever since the team at Platinum International Products And Services, LLC has created Project Drop and the Pop Drop monthly feeding program; they have helped facilitate feeding over 90,000 meals per month. Platinum
International Products And Services, LLC takes pride in being pioneers in hopefully, shifting the existing
paradigm of the office supplies industry. When you work with Platinum International Products And Services, LLC, you can give and receive.

John Snyder & Niki Shadrow Snyder
Platinum International LLC - Partners & Project Pop Drop- Founders

Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner   Give And Receive

Platinum International LLC created Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner.  This product is manufactured by Micro Solution Enterprises, (MSE) the largest remanufactured toner factory in the country. Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner partnered with MSE then launched, to help fund and operate the philanthropic organization, Project Pop Drop. Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner is environmentally responsible and American made. The toner supports thousands of American jobs. The manufacturing partners (MSE) have recycled over two million toner cartridges with their recycling programs.  A percentage (11%) of each Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner purchased through Platinum International Products And Services LLC, will go directly to Project Pop Drop. This directly helps feed over 90,000 meals per month through the sales of Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. We have been awarded many patents and acknowledged for many technological innovations.  The Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner factory has received industry wide recognition for the best quality compatible toner in the United States.  Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner offers customers the market’s best alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. This brand gives customers a quality and cost effective way to print. Pop Drop Platinum Series American sustainable, toner is the only toner in the world helping to feed homeless people with every toner purchased. Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner’s motto -

“Give And Receive”.

John Snyder  President & Project Pop Drop Co-Founder

John Snyder is a forward thinking business owner who has a passion for business and philanthropy.  He is aggressive in business and in life.  John is married to Niki Shadrow Snyder, co founder of Project Pop Drop. John resides in Los Angeles where he operates his company, Platinum International Products And Services, LLC. John runs Project Pop Drop with his wife, and with all of the generous volunteers that participate and partner with him.  John created Project Pop Drop with one goal in mind, to help eradicate hunger and homelessness, through the distribution of his products and services.  Working tirelessly to make this happen every day, John has a strong vision to help to create a movement that will set an example for corporate America to give back.  John has formed partnerships and alliances with multiple companies, brands, business owners and volunteers, to join him on his mission.  John has been the owner of Platinum International Products And Services, LLC for over ten years.  He is grateful to have the opportunity to do the job that he loves and to have that job support his love for giving back. Platinum Series Toner was created to help people give while they receive, simply by purchasing this product, through his company.  It brings joy to John’s life that a product he sells every day, is helping to fight hunger. John believes in the Pop Drop motto. Working To Give So Others May Live. #GIVEANDRECEIVE 

Niki is a business owner, public speaker, columnist and philanthropist.  She is known for her great connecting skills, her big personality and big heart.  Niki currently resides in Los Angeles and is married to the co-founder of Project Pop Drop, with John Snyder.  Perhaps you have seen Niki’s name in print and on TV.  Niki is a contributing editor and columnist for Hollywood Weekly Magazine.  Niki has made multiple television appearances on Oxygen Network, E! Entertainment, Bravo,VH1, Style Network, Logo, Reelz, BBC & Fashion TV.  She has worked with numerous charities and philanthropy organizations.  A few of the organizations that Niki has supported over the years are: Children Of The Night, The Cambodian Children’s Fund, Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles, Teens For Teens Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation, The National Council Of Jewish Women, The Los Angeles Mission, Downtown Women’s Center and Dress For Success.  Niki is extremely passionate about philanthropy and driven by her vision for Project Pop Drop.  Niki is grateful to have the opportunity to work, doing a job that supports her love for giving back.  Niki believes that everyone can make a difference. #GIVEANDRECEIVE 

Niki Shadrow Snyder  Partner & Project Pop Drop Co-Founder

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